Future Students workshop

Future students workshop

The project team recently convened in Sydney for a two day workshop to plan the development of the Future Students section of the new website.

During the workshop, the team explored the project vision, user experience and user journeys, content strategy and story mapping for the tech features of the Future Students section of the website.

Project vision

VisionThe team revisited the project vision, as this serves as a guide for everything we do moving forward.

During this session, the team put their ‘Future Student persona’ hat on and thought about what improvements need to be made to our current Future Students website to ensure this project is a success.

User experience

User personas were developed in response to the exploration phase completed by PreviousNext.

The information gathered during this phase formed the personas, which aim to represent the different types of CDU Students.

The team were then able to explore the ideal user journey, the current user journey and the needs and pain points for each user persona.

By understanding our user, the team are then able to problem solve and develop solutions to enhance the CDU user experience.

User journeyUser journeyUser journey

Mapping tech features

Features mapUsing the user needs and pain points as a guide, the team began to think of tech features that address these requirements and enhance the user experience.

These features were than mapped based on their value and difficulty.

This allowed the team to determine which features would have the biggest impact while still being achievable.

Moving forward

Workshop groupThe team left the workshop with a renewed focus on what we aim to deliver through this project, and with specific action points to ensure we achieve this.

With this in mind, we are now working towards the roll out of the Future Students section of the CDU website in February. Stay tuned for more updates.