Kids with homemade VR technology

Phase 1

Research and requirements gathering 

Extensive research will be completed in order to better understand the CDU user and their needs. This research will play an important role in the design and structure of the new website.

Phase 2 

Website design

Utilising the information gathered during Phase 1, PreviousNext will work with CDU to design a website that meets our user’s needs as well as CDU’s business needs. 

Phase 3

Website build 

Once Phase 2 has been finalised, PreviousNext will develop the new website within the CMS, Drupal 8. Extensive testing will then be completed for quality assurance, website compliancy and functionality.

Phase 4 


We go live! The new website will be moved to the production server where adjustments will be made to ensure it is optimised for functionality and performance. PreviousNext will provide ongoing support which will include comprehensive training for content editors.